About Knife Play Kitchen


Knifeplay Kitchen offers a broad range of culinary services, from personal cheffing to catering. We provide deeply personalized and thoughtful service, and work closely to each of our clients to craft the menus and dining experiences that will meet their needs and exceed their expectations. We design our menus with great seasonal ingredients, bold flavors, and balance (with a little indulgence!) in mind. Whether preparing family dinners to reheat in the coming week, or a wedding feast to remember for a lifetime, we give the same meticulous attention and care to our kitchencraft. 

Our personal chef services are a great fit for individuals and households who just love great food on the table, as well as for those who require more attention to dietary needs to support their well-being and health. 

We cater single special occasion meals, daylong events, and multi-day retreats, providing exceptional and easeful dining experiences for our guests. We also deliver easy-to-serve foods, such as catering trays and gourmet gift baskets. From cocktail soirees to office brunches, dessert buffets to tailgate parties, Knifeplay Kitchen can create the perfect spread to suit the occasion.

Knifeplay Kitchen also offers cooking lessons, menu planning services, recipe testing and development, and assistance with dietary planning for therapeutic support. 



Food Philosophy


At Knife Play Kitchen, we believe that food has the power to nourish, heal, create lasting memories, connect communities, and transform our lives and the world around us. We see the kitchen as our studio, the plate our blank canvas, and the market our muse! We honor our bodies by eating wholesome and pleasurable meals, and are fulfilled by offering the same to our families and our clients. With a world of inspiration, we take out our knives and play - and we hope that you’ll have just as much fun playing with your food!