Chef Levi

chefleviChef Levi Halberstadt (Head Chef and Owner) considers culinary excellence to be an essential ingredient for life, health and pleasure! He attended culinary school at Bauman College, and is a certified "Natural Foods Chef" who specializes in holistic and therapeutic cuisines.

Chef Levi got his start in the food world as a server at the world-famous Moosewood Restaurant in Ithaca, New York. Levi's experience at Moosewood sparked his passion for produce-centered and heart-driven cooking. He was honored to work as a prep cook for Chef Jerry Edwards and Chef John Walsh at Chef's Expressions in Baltimore, a fine-dining event planning and catering company awarded "National Catering Company of the Year" where opportunities to cook and plate meals for food and wine enthusiasts set Levi's high standards for excellence and attention to detail.

Chef Levi has spent the past six years in the kitchen of Spirit Rock Meditation Center, where he works as Chef de Cuisine under Chef Juliette Delventhal, and manages the kitchen’s daily operations and food production. This vegetarian center serves seasonal, organic, whole-foods meals inspired by global cuisines to 100 - 150 guests each day. His kitchen celebrates slow-foods, and takes the artisan's approach to baking, pastry, pickles, ferments and cultured dairy. Meals include vegan/gluten-free/sugar-free alternatives for those who have specific dietary needs. The team at Spirit Rock has raised the bar for "retreat cuisine", and is known for offering delicious, creative, and nutritious foods made with care and passion.